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You can help support dance music and keep your favorite radio station alive and well. It costs us tens of thousands of dollars a year just to pay for streaming bandwith, equipment and services required to keep the station online, and for the rather substantial music performance royalties we are required to pay in order for us to play music on the Internet. Regular radio doesn’t have to pay these royalties and the more you listen, the more it costs us!

For less than the cost of just ONE double shot, decaf ,no whip, skinny mocha latte... just $5.00 a month... you can help keep the music pumping and we’ll hook you up with:

  • An exclusive, higher quality 96K Dolby AAC+ audio stream. Hear your music with near CD quality sound.
  • Access to exclusive On-Demand content like the PULSE 87 Mix Shows to stream whenever you like.
  • Inside information and special or discounted tickets for PULSE 87 parties all over the tri-state area.
  • Advance notice of contests
  • Discounts on PULSE 87 ONLINE swag at our online mall!
  • Exclusive offers from clubs and some of our clients.
  • Help us pick music.

We really appreciate automatic monthly, quarterly or annual support payments. The more regular ongoing support we receive that way, the less we have to pester you on the air! Please consider choosing one of those options below.

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PLATINUM - 1 Year Subscription (get 2 months free!) - $50.00

SILVER - Monthly Subscription (renews automatically) - $5.00/month

GOLD - 6 Month Subscription - $30.00

When you have completed your subscription, you will be directed to a page to get your user name and password. This will get you access to our VIP streaming and content and get you hooked up to receive information from us.

Please keep it in a safe place and do not share it with other people.

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