Martin Solveig

Theres the committed, and then theres Martin Solveig, and for a man whos achieved so much over the last 5 years, taking even one foot off the pedal is a concept the Frenchman simply finds alien. With an innate ability to walk into a studio after some time out and then to leave with brand new, fresh and fun sounding music, its no big shocker that SolveigCant Stop.


Hey Now the next opus from Solveig and a masterpiece of aural delight bearing all the hallmarks of yet another summer smash is now here. Its the first record Martin has made sinceThe Night Out and its nothing short of massive! In 2013 Martin will take a more spontaneous approach to delivering his music, collaborations and of course his videos.
Having spent three years dedicated to seeing hisSmash project and of course his collaboration with Madonna complete, its time to explore new landscapes, and jump on opportunities as and when they arise. It seems there is no rulebook to which Solveig can refer, so instead hell write his own!

Hysteria is the only word to describe whatthat big record did to the world and to Martin Solveig. It catapulted the Frenchman from a well-respected DJ into one of the most formidable producers and performers on the planet. The record, of course, was calledHello and its gone on to clock up over 3 million in sales, win multiple awards, an
array platinum and gold discs and become one of the most synched dance records in recent times.
Adding to this winning run of achievements, Martin Solveig also laid down 6 tracks for Madonnas 12th studio albumM.D.N.A, released in early 2012, and accompanied the Queen of Pop herself on her sell-out world tour one which saw Martin billed asSpecial Guest at no less than 34 dates out of a staggering 88 shows, spanning Europe and North America.
His music videos are renowned as by far the best in their class and his performances continue to electrify audiences in every corner of the globe. From playful DJ to superstar producer, Martin Solviegs music is as animated as the man himself, so lets indulge in a spot of historystill in the making.
Like so many, Martins love affair with music began at an early age. Influenced by luminaries such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder and Serge Gainsbourg, his eccentric taste and non-conformist attitude have been the backbone of what he is today a multi-faceted artist. He sings, he produces, he deejays, he acts and occasionally he dances too as well as a spot of tennis.

Aged 21, Solveig started his own label called Mixture Stereophonic and releasedHeart of Africa. The track went on to sell 10,000 copies, offering a clear signal to Martin that a career in music was well worth pursuing. Martins first album,Sur La Terre released in 2002, achieved critical acclaim and enabled the Parisian to work with Salif Keita for whom he remixedMadan, one of 2003s biggest club anthems. The afro-disco bomb as well as Martins new funk-drivenRocking Music both helped to catapult his career to a whole new level.

Martin entered 2012 putting the final touches on his preparations to release his latest masterpiece "SMASH", an album bursting at the seams with pure fun and frivolity, all capped off with timeless trademark sounds. Involving the undeniable talents of Dragonette, Bloc Party front man Kele, Sunday Girl plus US whirlwind DEV, it brought Martin to new and dizzying heights!

2013 ushers in another new era for Martin Solveig where not 3 months had passed before he dropped his new recordHey Now with The Cataracs and featuring Kyle. With a slew of new music and videos ready to roll out, a Las Vegas residency with XS secured and already underway, plus a tour schedule meticulously mapped out to ensure everyone experiences the Solveig magic, this could be his biggest year yet.
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